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Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy might only be sixteen years old, but it looks like he isn't messing around. In his new video for "I Ain't Hiding," YoungBoy raps a tale of intimidation and violent retribution. "Private number called my phone and said that I'm gone kill you," he begins, before launching into a song that tracks his response to the threat. "Send my Ni**as to bust you up since you think that I'm playing/One night we hit you back to back, like Ni**a what you sayin?" he raps. "My OGs say that cuz you shoot that don't make you a man/It's how you play your hand and react when you in that jam/This for my Ni**as dead and gone and the ones in the can."
"I Ain't Hiding" is his latest, and it falls somewhere in the same vein as "38 Baby", mournful, melody-driven, and peppered with gun talk. More so than "38" though, "I Ain't Hiding" is an explicit warning, with YoungBoy and his NBA associates loading up choppers on camera to illustrate their point. In between the flexes though, are gems. My OG say if you would shoot that don't make you a man, says YoungBoy, it's how you play your hand, and react when you in that jam. According to the video, his 38 Baby project is due out soon.
No lyrics found for the track "I Ain't Hiding" by NBA YoungBoy. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Hip-Hop music releases in 2016.


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