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Song Lyrics:

It’s time to kick the habit, I’m coming clean.
It’s been a hell of a ride but it’s all caught up with me.
Now I’m off track,
Feel like I’m right back where I started,
Sat on the kitchen floor all alone talking to a ghost
About where we go when we go.
He said, “Life is the great unknown”
Better jump, better run and…

Don’t stop now,
Though the motion sickness has you spinning out,
Cuz’ you’re on your way.
Look just how far you’ve come,
And think twice before you go and throw it all away.

Between the peace and panic
I can’t break up the static,
I need a cleaner frequency.
I frequently burn out and vanish,
I’m on another planet,
There’s just no getting through to me.
Then I find myself in bed,
Lost inside my head again,
Running over everything,
The voices they are deafening.
Out from the noise,
I hear that familiar voice,
He says “Life is the great unknown”,
Better jump, better run, better go.
Better jump. Run.

You’re on your way.

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