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Rhys Davies has directed a sensitive drama about the devastating impact of dementia upon the relationship of a father and son, for Nell Bryden's similarly heartfelt Thought I Was Meant For You. Davies also photographed the video, shot in his native Wales, which features ex-Marine Tip Cullen, with whom Rhys has worked before on the VOTD-winning video The Element, in the role of carer, and Michael Davies, a former photographer, who - despite little acting experience – captures the brutality and bewilderment of Alzheimer's. “Both actors were superb," says Davies. "They handled their roles with such grace and delicacy and did the story justice.” Nell Bryden's I Thought I Was Meant For You is a break-up song, but the singer-songwriter has said that Rhys Davies's approach for the video has introduced fresh symbolism to the lyrics. “The video has taken the song in a new, compelling and powerful direction for me," she says. "It’s about companionship and unexpected circumstances… the connection doesn’t change.”
No lyrics found for the track "Thought I Was Meant For You" by Nell Bryden. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop music releases in 2017.


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