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(Featuring Chow Mane)

Song Lyrics:

Wo faxian wo zi ji
Suo yi, wo bu guan ta men shuo bu keyi
Suo yi, I'm putting my soul in this music
You think that you in control, you gon' lose it

Eh, started from nothing, we came from the dirt
Feel what I'm saying, I'm speaking my hurt
(Ha) I be like water, I'm drippin'
No one stoppin' me, I'm winnin'

Like I'm [3x]
I feel like Bruce Lee

No one stoppin' me, I'm winnin', like I'm
Like I'm

Tokyo drift
Night time lights on my wrist
(I) took a shot but I missed
Now Young Chow cookin' up a new dish in the kitchen

I been with the people that really been missing me
Friends say I'm acting real different, see
Ta men bu keyi kan dao the vision
I'm tryin' to represent and like alway that been the mission

Yee mei guo dao zhong guo
Ta men dou zun zhong wo
I start a movement ni men keyi gen wo
I know you can't feel the feels I"m expressin'
Can't walk in my shoe, man
They way too expensive

I'm tryna stunt like Kristi Yamaguchi
And China Town love me like the hood love Boosie
Don't let me go, I ain't bad, I ain't bougie
I juh like to smoke a lil' herb and eat sushi

Chow Mane, Young Bruce Lee
Yo, I'm chasin' that looseleaf
I feel like Stooki, I'm goin' stupid
I do it like Scooby, I feel like Bruce Lee
I feel like [3x]

Like I'm [3x]
I feel like Bruce Lee

No one stoppin' me, I'm winnin', like I'm
Drippin' [2x] crippin', I'm drippin'
Like I'm drippin', drippin'
Water, I'm drippin', I'm drippin', like I'm

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