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Song Lyrics:

If I ever get really depressed
A download all by suicide vest
Leave a dirty bomb at a Wallstreet address
Crash a ... child party and leave it in a mess
In a mess
Dirty mess
It started out to be kind of hope
But the dream ?? quickly turned into a joke
The Indians and Mexicans were the first to feel the rope
To play the ?? trace came right in
Murdered Buffalo block ??
Storm clouds where gathering
It's how the West was won
It's how the West was won
At the point of a gun
Like they've always done

Just like everybody else I'm in love with Kim Kardashian
She's taken over from J. Lo as my number one
Even though I know
She's just a bum
In an other timeline I would have stared at her all day long
Without ever wanting to see her from the front
God knows I love America

Its the stigma you help to propagate
In every sense you are profigate
Even your parents ran away from home to escape you
Your best friends all hate you
I don't mean to devastate you
It's how the West was won
It's how the West was won
Head on the spike of a gun
Like you've always done
It's no mystery
It's your history
It's what you've always done

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