This song is a reminder of We Are The World, but for special needs kids across the world who’s being abuse and can’t tell you. I lost my son Aaron Hatcher to an alleged abuse along with 6 of his peers who were abused. My son was abuse until death by his teachers and we managed to get the laws in the State of Georgia to place cameras in the special needs classroom after he died. The Landon Dunson Act (HB614) is in full affect. I would appreciate if you play this song for awareness. I started Aaron Hatcher’s They Can’t Talk But We Can Inc. a non profit organization to help bring awareness. The cameras in the classroom will protect the students from being abuse and the teachers from being accused. We need this song to to play in honor of my son Aaron Hatcher and the kids who are being abused and can’t tell you. Help me help them.
No lyrics found for the track "They Can't Talk But We Can" by Rahn Anthoni & Friends. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Christian music releases in 2017.


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