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Fred Jerkins iii (Uncle Freddie) of Darkchild Records has produced yet another #1 Inspirational record called, "Ill Trust You" about a father who lost everything including his special needs son to abuse, family, open heart surgery and divorce all at the same time. This song will uplift and restore ALL. We will Still Trust God in spite of what the enemy try! I SHALL NOT BE MOVED! Fred Jerkins iii is up for a Stella with Shirley Caesar hit "Prayer Changes Things". I’ll Trust You will add to the world a great message and we look forward to you playing this song in a time like this. This song is in memory of my son Aaron Hatcher who was special needs, and was allegedly abused by his teachers til death. Grammy Awards Winning, Dove Nominated 2016 Fred Jerkins iii "Unc Freddie" Produced and co wrote this song because of a great heart The Lord has given him. God used Unc Freddie to look at my life and tell the story. I gave him everything in my life that was horrific, and Unc Fred saw that I still Trust God! Fred Jerkins and Rodney Jerkins produced the last Michael Jackson’s song Rock My World which was a #1 seller knockout and Michael Jacksons last song….. Also Shirley Caesar, Brandi, Destiny Child Fred Jerkins III, also known as "Uncle Freddie", is an American songwriter and record producer who is best known for his work with his brother Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. Jerkins has co-written several hit songs with Rodney Jerkins and LaShawn Daniels, among them "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica, "Say My Name"[2] and "Lose My Breath" by Destiny’s Child, "It’s Not Right but It’s Okay" by Whitney Houston and multiple tracks from Michael Jackson’s album Invincible. He has also produced a number of songs under the Darkchild imprint for artists such as Brandy, Shola Ama, Men Of Vizion, Keith Washington, & JoJo. On his own, Jerkins is a noted producer of gospel music. When you feel like giving up or you're going through something play this video, and it will remind you to NEVER give up! Loosing a special needs child is the worst especially when it's an alleged abuse and the child dies. This is a story about a man who lost his child to the abuse of teachers which was covered up. This man suffered a heart attack, mental issues because of it and had open heart surgery while dealing with the pressure of life. This man made it through, and now he's an advocate for other special needs children. The man is ME! I gave up music when this happen to my son and now I'm fighting for ALL with my voice and my VOICE!

Song Lyrics:

There was a story bout a man who lost his child
He cherished that young one till the day he took his last breathe
He was so special you see he had to fight all his days and nights
But daddy loved him anyway-his disease was only a phase
But something was bigger than the tears he cried
And only a father could hear the words that were unspoken
Fast-forward even though he's in a better place
The thought still makes him cry all day
That's when he looks up in the sky and says oh God
[:: CHORUS ::]
I still trust you
This maybe the hardest thing for me to do but I will
I still trust you
I know it's only a test but I want you to know
I'll trust you
Verse 2
He thought it was all over
He thought the pain would come no more
Just when he thought that it was time to move on
The stress kept piling on and on
What can you do when you're heart won't let you live
So I said doctor can you fix me
This has taken a toll I'm in need of your experience
To make me whole again to put me back together
And while you're working on me
I will put my trust in the only one that knows what's better for me
And I'll start by saying lord
[:: CHORUS ::]
I still trust you
This maybe the hardest thing for me to do but I will
I still trust you
I know it's only a test but I want you to know
I'll trust you
[:: BRIDGE ::]
Just like Job he came out on top of the world
God gave him two of everything he ever lost
That was his reward for his faithfulness
God is not a man that he will lie
Look at how far you've come
Miracles have begun just like raisin in the sun
Everything you've lost is finally here
And all that it took was your trust in him
And you don't have to wait for the bad
Just say it right now Lord
I still trust you this maybe the hardest thing for me to do but I will
I still trust you
I know it's only a test but I want you to know
I'll trust you

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