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Song Lyrics:

I said I wake up and I get Straight To That Bread , Flame Up That Work Of The Dead
My Pockets Is Blue Like A Gang BangerCrip,This Not Activist
What I Sip Is Blood Red
Hella Glocks My Ni**as Got Tools Like A Shed
Just Like A Hat
On Your Head
Leave You Stiff
Just Like Manekin Men
Hella Drums No Marching Bands
Block Hot Bi**h You Kno I'm Fan
UnderCovers Pull Up and I Ran
I'm Wit Yo Thot Tell That Hoe Pull Ha Pants
Only One Mouth I Feel What She Sayin
Hunnit Shots , Slide Out That Door Of That Van
My Ni**as Clap Just Like Sum Hands
Finesse A Thot ,You Kno How U Don't Understand
As I Smoke Kush Wit My Fans
I Gang Bang Just Like Hoover Or Fort
Statue Of Liberty Tourch
We Insanes And Renagades
We Dropping The Five and The Forth
E.A. Bi**h Get In The Game
Shooters Like I'm Onna Court
Get in Yo Face That u Really Afraid
Man You Ni**as Pu**y Of Course
Find Out Where U Stay
And Let It Spray
My Ni**as ain't Showin No Remorse
Send His A*s Away Like Oven Cafe
But Where He Going Ain't No Resort
My Bi**h She Need A Passport
I'm Maison Designer Devingeti
That's Wit A Tom Fort
I'm Balling But I Don't Play Sports
I'm Smoking that Kush In Chiraq
Bussing Round On LakeShore
If u Want A Verse Then Pay For It Uhhh
Tryna Ram Away Then Im Breaking Ya Bored
They ain't wanna let me in then I'm breaking The Door
Folks Inna Trap and he Shaking The Board
Ya Kno That I'm Strapped and I ain't got no Sword
Got Work Like A Boss But I Do Not Employ
Bought A Mac Wit A silence It dont make no Noise
Won't Run I Knocked Em Out
I Nicknamed It Floydd

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