Song Lyrics:

Show you how to be man, How to be the boss
How to come through with seven coats of the gloss
Show you how to be man
Show you how to be man
Show you how to be man
How to be the boss
How to buy the car, How to buy the house
Show you how to be man, yeah
Show you how to be man

[Verse 1: RiFF RAFF]
Uh Back in eight grade, Banana berry wrist
Teacher wanna tell me be realistic
That b***h tryna tell me be realistic?
I pull 5 years later in a drop top six
Butterscotch twist, cheek-checklin lipstick
Might be in a movie, with Barry Sanders
Might be Adam Sandler, and my cup is pink panther
High School, I-I-I was on the news
Fist full of jewels looks like a swimming pool
Aqua-shark stark, Glow in the dark shark
Mark my words, I don't need acceptance
I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians, (touchdown)
Suckers keep on flexin, I'm bringing out the rice
Jody shaking dice watching Miami Vice, Syrup in my slice
That's a given, Now I'm the man but I'm crawling like a kitten
Teach him


[Verse 2: RiFF RAFF]
Packin my luggage, Push get to shoving
Show Jody loving when I'm flipping candy pumpkin
Might hit the club, It's the white Danny Glover
Rap game Uncle Ben pulling rice out the oven
Now I'm Julius Cesar in the Versace wife beater
Would go on vacation but my whole life's a weekend
Whole a lotta money, All bills paid
Next Pay day I'm buying 3 or 4 chains
Now I'm picture perfect, Shoulda been a surfer
Aww sh*t look who it is, It's the white Eddie Murphy
Big balling, no stopping
Trunk steady knockin, floatin through the sky
M-M-Mary Poppins

[Hook] x2

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