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Song Lyrics:

You gotta look deep inside yourselves
Cuz thats all you got

[Verse 1]
I'm in the four star Porche
Let me go and cop some ice
I done been in losing fights
Let me stand in the spotlight
Thats why I rock at night
And I bring out so much rice
I'm a bad mamajama
I was born to be nice
And I know I can't change
But I proceed to stack change
F**kin' airport security
Got me flying private planes
Drop top gold wings
On the lava lamp frame
I done switch so many lanes
I got'bout fifty eleven names
And my name rings bells
But my pockets on swell
Let me push the V twelve
While I'm eating lobster tails
While I'm eating, while I'm feastin
Versace shoes squeakin
I need vacation while we speakin
An eighty day weekend

[Hook x3]
A lotta tears done seen these eyes
Stay awake and watch me cry
Better yet just let me hide
Now stand back and watch me fly
Been around enough for you
To know that I'll always be true
I'm talking to you the one inside
Just hold the wheel and let me drive
Just let me drive

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