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Song Lyrics:

Looking back it’s hard to ignore
The turns of fate have left you wanting more
Woke up today in the middle of an inner storm
Surprised yourself, crying like the day you were born
Thinking back on when you rocked and rolled
When your body danced to the music in your soul
Infinity seemed achievable
When time had no horizon
In the distant past the memories move and sway
Someone’s singing in a voice from earlier days
Cast your gaze up to the waiting sky

It’s your time to fly
It’s your time to fly
It’s your
time to fly

This gale has stirred the blood within your veins
Your very own private hurricane
Staring at three decades in the rearview
Wondering how those dreams all slid away from you
But you can still have your day
Even with all the time that’s passed away
There is no law that says you have to stay
When your only crime was arriving
And now you're staring at the edge as if hypnotized
A single tear of realization crystallized
Life’s not cast in stone like a bone that’s fossilized

It’s your time to fly
It’s your time to fly
It’s your
time to fly

Take my breath away
Now the clouds have passed and all is clear and dry
The moon reflects the fire in your eye
An eagle beats his wings against the sky
It’s your time to fly

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