Music Genres:  Dance

  • For You Roman Messer
    Feat. Clare Stagg
    Dance [2018]
  • Avengers Roman Messer & Papulin Dance [2018]
  • Fireflies Roman Messer
    Feat. Christina Novelli
    Dance [2018]
  • Lost Roman Messer Dance [2017]
  • Memories Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami With Julia Lav Dance [2016]
  • Lights Roman Messer
    Feat. Emma Lock
    Dance [2016]
  • Closer Roman Messer
    Feat. Eric Lumiere
    Dance [2015]
  • Imagination Roman Messer
    Feat. Ange
    Dance [2014]
  • Frozen Roman Messer
    Feat. Christina Novelli
    Dance [2014]
  • Cheboksary Roman Messer Dance [2013]

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  • Avengers - Roman Messer & Papulin
    Massive 'ID' of Roman Messer debuted on his performance at ASOT 850 in Utrecht have arrived! Roman Messer and Papulin take us on a cosmic journey with a massive collab called 'Avengers'....
  • Fireflies - Roman Messer
    Amazing Remix of Jorn van Deynhoven for Roman Messer's successful single with Christina Novelli, 'Fireflies', have arrived! German superstar Jorn van Deynhoven, turning 'Fireflies' into a driving, high-bpm work of real trance. Playing with Christina's vocals and parts of the original mix skillfully, Jorn created a fine example of uplifting trance with his own trade...
  • Lost - Roman Messer
    'Lost' - the sensual and melodic, Uplifting Trance, a manifestation of dynamic flight and endless avalanche of positive energy, which truly elevates the listener to the clouds. This sound is a great combination of melody, dynamics and implementation of the idea of the author....
  • Memories - Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami With Julia Lav
    Amazing collab of Suanda Music boss Roman Messer and the young talent Mhammed El Alami together with the great pianist Julia Lav called 'Memories'. 'Memories' is a sensual and a melodic Uplifting Trance piece, a manifestation of dynamic flight and still, here there is a place for a beautiful piano solo with amazing violin strings in the breakdown, giving a chance f...
  • Closer - Roman Messer
    Brand deep bass, mesmerizing melody and sensual party piano combined with the beautiful vocals Eric Lumiere, keep the listener in suspense until the very climax, no listener can not stand to listen again to this wonderful track....
  • Imagination - Roman Messer
    'Imagination', name of new track of Roman Messer and Ange. Previously, you could hear a sensational track co-written with Offshore Wind "Suanda" which officially became the anthem of the label Suanda Music, and a love story called "Love Around The World" which was released later, and now we are proud to present their third collaboration. Cold Rush Remix, this track...
  • Frozen - Roman Messer
    Lyrics By Christina Novelli Driving melodic sound and a voice to melt hearts - this is what the collaboration of Suanda Music boss Roman Messer and renowned vocalist Christina Novelli, "Frozen", is all about. Having worked in the past with acts like Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery and Craig Connelly to name a few, Christina now blesses Roman's production with her voca...

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