Rusty Young takes stock of life both present and past on his first solo album, Waitin' For The Sun -- and that includes his long tenure with Poco on the track "My Friend. "That's about the band and 50 years and just talking to the guys that have been in that band," Young tells Billboard about the track, which features Poco alumni Richie Furay and Timothy B. Schmit on backing vocals. "It's just an overview of the whole thing, looking back on this last 50 years -- not just for me, but for all of us. The guys have all done really well. I don't think anybody has anything to complain about; Certainly I don't. So I wanted to write a song that wasn't just, 'We were Troubadour in '68/Wasn't it great?' I wrote it about the guys because we're still friends and we still do things together. We've been down a long road together, so I want to write about that."
No lyrics found for the track "My Friend" by Rusty Young. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Adult Contemporary music releases in 2017.


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