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Domino are pleased to announce their latest signing, Irish alt-folk and electronica alchemist Seamus Fogarty. To celebrate the occasion, Seamus has shared the video for brand new song ‘Short Ballad For A Long Man’. Originally from County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, Fogarty now resides in London. His previous releases include debut full-length album God Damn You Mountain (Fence/Lost Map) and 2015’s EP Ducks and Drakes. Produced by Fogarty and Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Wild Beasts), ‘Short Ballad For A Long Man’ is a lament for the 250-year-old skeleton of giant Irishman Charles Byrne displayed in The Hunterian Museum in London. Opening with lush strings and clarinets ‘Short Ballad For A Long Man’ gives way to subtle synth tones and droning Hammond organs, giving the listener a taste of Fogarty's meticulous approach to his craft.
No lyrics found for the track "Short Ballad For A Long Man" by Seamus Fogarty. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop/Rock music releases in 2017.

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