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Empty containers ready to measure my pain, they filled quickly then it hit me, the thought that it wasn't in vain, thoughts that once filled with shame, my head down I looked around clouds couldn't protect from the rain , open minded so those very thoughts drowned my brain, such irony brought hell, down it came, like morning dew, day a new, rose to the sky life flames the way me and my closest friends flights should've crashed but I chose a higher plane, for love, for fame, that a make the greatest saint go insane, for the thought that my days almost over drove through my mind like range rovers, young minds blown away for leaves without clovers. Controversial when both spouses try to wear the pants, the cook gotta respect the Ni**a that clean the pans, kitchens closed when the chef get jealous of the tips of the server, no appreciate hard work of the earner, green lights soon become pink slips, everybody no it all nobody learning shi*, I married you but you married social media, felt the connection, same day that I greeted ya, together you and I , is what we agreed it to, marks to our accomplishments , so undefeated bu, naw I ain't tryna be emotional , new era but now how relationships supposed to go,

When you married but you feeling like a roommate , wondering if you got the divorce , who would the kids hate, letting the days past feeling my soul burn slow, on separate sides of the bed , where did the love go, tryna figure out where our relationship did a reverse incline, ring clanged tight to my clothes, a stripper on her first time, fighting for attention on social media , perception is reality , careful of the ones thats greeting you, never insecure baby mama live life, but you too would do the same if naggas was following ya wife, one of my vices is long hair and leg-ins find me somewhere out in vegas with money may going way in, doves would cry only if they felt my pain , walked in my grandma crib with two brand new chains, feeling good coming back to the hood just to tell the truth, until I seen the hole, in my grandma roof.

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