Hot on the heels of chart successes and radio accolades from multiple hit singles off their 2015 debut album, Choices & Chances, brothers Scott and Todd Smith of Smith & Wesley are back with more dynamic and heartfelt country music. Deeply rooted in their North Georgia heritage, the Smith & Wesley sound speaks to people of all demographics. Over the last year, the brothers have become both fan and radio station favorites with their personable style and dynamic stage presence. Among the many glowing press reviews of Choices & Chances, Country Standard Time said, "Smith & Wesley…boast a keen ear for melody and a heartbeat for the songwriting that has made country what it is. Packed with rich musicianship and an obvious love for country music, this duo’s debut is definitely worth listening to." During their frequent radio tours in support of the first album, Smith & Wesley got a chance to meet programmers and deejays from all over the country and quickly established a rapport with radio personnel and fans alike. That helped generate the airplay resulting in three chart singles off the first album: "Need Somebody Bad," which made it to #75 on the Music Row chart; followed by "Sweet Life," which went to #30 on Music Row; and most-recently, "You’re the One" which not only has reached # 27 on Music Row, but also dented the Billboard Indicator Chart at #46. The Smith & Wesley sound is based in the beautiful harmonies of two voices that mesh like only two siblings can achieve. On "The Little Things," the first single from their forthcoming new album, For Better or For Worse, Scott and Todd sing about how true affection comes not from any material items, but from "the little things" happening between a man and a woman that, individually might not seem like much, but collectively form the bonds of honest, everlasting love. Written by Scott and Todd Smith, along with Evan Kennedy, "The Little Things" was produced by Sawyer Brown band member Shayne Hill and features backing from a host of Nashville’s A-list players. The brothers’ golden harmony vocals soar with the accompaniment of these musicians, who provide the perfect nuances and deft touches needed in a heart-warming, personal song such as this. Smith & Wesley will be showcasing at the upcoming Country Radio Seminar in Nashville in February.
No lyrics found for the track "The Little Things" by Smith And Wesley. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Country music releases in 2016.


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