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Song Lyrics:

I’m the son to a jaded ghost
so I’ve heard a lot and I still don’t know much.
I said, “I love you”, just enough
but love’s a strong word that don’t mean much.
I said it several times or more
and I kind of like the tears
when you’re standing at the front door.
Yeah, I’m dead but I’ve never felt better,
hands around your throat and you keep begging for more.
When I’m done you’ll be screaming my name just like they all were.
You’re one and the same.
She said, “I f**king get it, I did you wrong.
It’s done and I’ll regret it by the end of this song”.
I’m so gone.
I’m stuck trying to hold you close (so gone),
it’s like trying to hold on to smoke.
I won’t forget it, I won’t stay strong.
In love because I couldn’t deal with America.
I’m the son to a jaded ghost, yeah,
I’ve learned a lot and you still don’t know much.
The way I love you f**ks me up so love’s the wrong word for broken trust.
What the hell was I fighting for?
Holding all the tears back screaming at a brick wall.
Yeah, I’m dead, never felt better,
hands around my throat and I keep begging for more.
I know you think I’m the type to chase you but you think that of everyone.
And just in case you taste me, baby, you better chase me.
Never drink me straight.
Come on.

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