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Song Lyrics:

Where do I begin? You had so many demons eating at your skin and I made the most of it.
With my patience wearing thin I thought that I’d get even,
so I committed every sin just for the fun of it.
I’d be so good with anyone else,
but you look so good f**k everyone else.
I’m taking my old mistakes,
putting your name all over them so you know how it tastes to sip a little bit of your own medicine.
Lately I’ve noticed that all I am to you is a risk,
always making reality sink in when you’re in the deep end and you just want to live in the clouds.
I’m up there now, baby, chase me.
She’s empty without MD and I’m tempting without entry like the clubs that we end up dreaming in,
the clubs that we’re never leaving till the bugs in our brains start breeding,
and we’re f**ked and we can’t stop screaming.
Yeah, I’m f**ked and I can’t stop needing you.

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