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Song Lyrics:

What’s right and what’s wrong?
Don’t you hold me too lightly to words
As I’ve rounded them off to the nearest of ten
For I gathered your body in envious capture in envious thought

Oh forgive me, oh gods or forgive me in fortune
Forgive me in feeling it out for myself
As I ought to have feelings for something as great as thou art

Some great white rose of youth
Your pleasure gives of my own heart
Generous portions wisely
Breaks of my own heart
I felt the arm’s length while I’ve gone on my own way

Conserve me, strange waters
Come and obey me, strange waters
Have it your own way

So if you won’t hold me, I have no objections
So if you won’t please me
I make no commands
So if you don’t trust me, it’s best if I drown

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