WBSD FM has been charting this song for many weeks! It is one of our top songs. Such a great message by Travis Linville--an amazing singer/songwriter.

Song Lyrics:

Your days were fallin' away
Chasin' the rainbow's end.
Runnin' in circles, back to the start,
Startin' over again.
Holdin' on for dear life
Tryin' to keep your feet
Planted on the ground and steppin' back out on the beat.

[:: CHORUS ::]
I hope good luck finds you easy
Hope the best days come to you
Hope you keep chasin' rainbows
Hope your wishes all come true.

Behind the wheel
Beyond the stars
Holden your heart inside locked away behind these iron bars.
Walkin' away, leavin' yourself behind
Findin' out how this new life will unwind.

[:: CHORUS ::]

Twistin' and turnin' down the roads that you choose
Walkin' and runnin' straight into the blues
Don't look back now you've come too far
Keep your dreams in your heart; keep your wishes in the stars.

[:: CHORUS ::]

Hope you think about me always
The way I alway think of you
I hope good luck finds you easy
Hope your wishes all come true.

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