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Song Lyrics:

I think we both know that you’re wasting your time
So just set it straight and send me on my way
When all your nightmares are coming to life
And your dreams are never there when you’re awake

The Winter knows the sun doesn’t shine
But I feel the same when Spring begins to fade
It’s always playing in the back of my mind
If the words had changed, would the answer be the same?

Your words are falling through me
I’m coming undone
Just wait it out
It won't be long

Stay up with me
Because I know that we can make it through the night
I know that blessings come in threes
Just one more can take the dark away tonight

The Summers over and I’m drawing a line
Before all the mistakes we never made
And when I’m lost I’ll take a break in your eyes
I can see your face hidden through your thin charade

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