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Earlier this year, Pop Candy guest blogger Jon Chattman called Wild Adriatic a band "you should get behind."

The line forms to the rear of Mess Around, the trio's new single, premiering at USA TODAY. A rock 'n' soul stomper punctuated by horn blasts and garage-rock guitar chords, Mess Around will appear on the group's debut album, Big Suspicious, out Jan. 21.

"Mess Around is one of those songs that took us by surprise," says drummer Mateo Vosganian, who formed Wild Adriatic in 2011 with singer/guitarist Travis Gray and bassist Rich Derbyshire. "As soon as we heard the beginning bass riff laid over the floor tom beat, we knew we had something. Several writing sessions in the band basement later and we had this tune polished up for live shows and have been opening our sets with it ever since."

The Video: “Mess Around,” which follows the band as they throw a PBR-fueled shindig in an old warehouse.
Fun Fact: The trio are huge fans of a good beard. Back in January, the band teased a new pro-beard piece of merch — a t-shirt that reads, “If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Beard On It.” It’s the manliest pun on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” that we’ve seen yet.
Songwriter Says: “For this video we had been looking for a location for weeks, thinking that the location would give us an idea for a direction to head, says drummer Mateo Vosganian. “Our friend Peter Kobor has this great warehouse-esque building on his property that he offered up for the video. When we first walked into the room, we immediately got the idea to throw a party in it. Took some cleaning and organizing and a ton of set up, but with the help of about 50 of our friends and fans, we had a heck of a weekend shooting this video. Also big thanks to Pabst, our highly unofficial but alcoholically potent ‘sponsor’.”
No lyrics found for the track "Mess Around" by Wild Adriatic. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop/Rock music releases in 2014.


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